Janus authored a text on the Living Elements of Healthy Building Design

Building Biology is the study of biological and ecological aspects of living in buildings and provides methods for detecting and eliminating the sources of environmental pollution that cause biological stress and contribute to poor health and disease.  Sources of public health problems include poor water and air quality, indoor air pollution, allergens and mold, toxic building materials and harmful Electromagnetic (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) fields. Strategies include design and testing to improve buildings to promote health and prevent illness.  Increasingly in today’s industrialized and densely populated world, the effects of sick buildings’ are being felt at home and in the work place. Building Biology is an essential science for creating healthy spaces.

EcoArchitecture DesignWorks designs for and consults on Healthy Building practices.

Our services may include:


  • Locating and shielding harmful electric and magnetic fields (EMR)
  • Locating and shielding harmful radio frequency microwaves from cellular and wireless technologies. (RF)
  • Indoor water quality
  • Pollution-free new construction design
  • Remedies for existing buildings
  • Recommendations for nontoxic building materials
  • Home and Business Consultations