EcoArch DesignWorks is also an education provider offering courses, lectures and workshops for events, lecture series, conferences, and your organization by invitation. AIA and GBCI credits for continuing education can be provided as needed.  Please contact us directly to set up trainings that meet your individual organizational needs. Courses are also offered regularly at Yestermorrow and NYC|SBA.  (See details for registration here)


Janus has lectured widely on Design and Sustainability developing and teaching eco design curriculums for the HOLIS Institute and Roger Green Seminars in NY and SF.  She has served on the faculty of Sage College of Albany for three years as Assistant Professor of Interior Design and as Coordinator for the department where she developed the Sustainable Design curriculum.  In 2007, Janus started the SUNY Ulster Certified Sustainable Building Advisor program as Lead Instructor; she expanded the SBA program to New York City in 2012.


Janus is a certified CSBA and SBA|NYC Project Provider.  The SBA Program provides the knowledge, tools and resources to identify and articulate key sustainable building practices and goals, analyze the costs and benefits of implementation, work with designers, architects, builders, operators, and utilities managers to achieve them in their projects, apply LEED, and other relevant criteria and established guidelines effectively, take a leadership position in their organizations and communities in a rapidly growing field. The program provides a comprehensive training in:


  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Building & Design
  • The Importance of Place: Site, Transportation & Land Use Issues
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • “Green” Materials Selection
  • Indoor Environmental Quality & Health
  • Water and Site Design
  • Sustainable Job Site Operations
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Presentation of Team Projects
  • Certification Exam


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