Architectural Design Processs

How does the architectural design process work?

We first start with a free meeting by phone or skype. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get to know each other and what we have to offer.  We also want to learn about you, your site, project, style and budget to assess how we can collaborate to make your project successful.

The next step is to meet in person. We will come out to your project site and offer guidance and consulting for a small assessment fee per your project needs.  If desired, we will provide you a detailed scope of work and estimate to move forward.

The site assessment can provide you vital information such as:

  • Feasibility of architectural and structural changes in an existing property
  • Scope of work for a new construction, addition or full gut-rehab project
  • Design ideas for remodeling an existing property
  • Adaptive reuse and ideas for renovating historic properties
  • Sustainable building advising and design recommendations for:
    • Building orientation for a new construction, addition or outbuilding
    • Insulation, air barrier and other recommendations for an energy efficient retrofit or passive house project
    • Green and healthy material selections to improve indoor air quality and eliminate toxicity
    • Recommend water and energy conservation appliances and strategies

If you decide to move forward with the project, the site assessment fee is credited back to you when you sign an agreement for architectural services.  

Architectural services generally include 3 phases of design and culminate in construction drawings for building permit application:

  • Concept |Schematic Design:

    • Existing project measurements and drawings if applicable
    • Concept sketches and meetings until concept design approval
  • Design Development:  

    • Develop the drawings and details with building codes and structural engineering input
    • Specify sustainable materials selections
    • CAD drawings for your design approvals
  • Construction Drawings:

    • Develop construction and interior details
    • Energy calculations to meet the new energy code
    • Integrate structural and mechanical drawings
    • Finalize the design in a set of documents for building department approvals and contractor estimates
    • Review shop drawings as necessary

Once the construction drawings are complete, we can assist with contractor bids, help you navigate the bids and facilitate communication with the contractors to ensure the design is executed as planned.

What if the construction costs exceed your budget? We provide value engineering and work with you and your contractor to reduce the scope, materials and finishes to help get the project back in budget. Of course, we love to be involved in the Construction Phase and can provide supervision and solve problems as they arise.

Our services are available on an hourly consulting as well as on a fee basis!

How can we help you achieve your ideal healthy, green Home and Haven?