Classical Feng Shui


The 5,000 year old Chinese art of Feng Shui has been hailed as the environmental science of the 21st century. This art and science determines the placement and layout of structures for home and work in concert with natural energy flows to foster Harmony, Health and Prosperity for the inhabitants.  As a classically trained Feng Shui professional, Janus brings this rare discipline into design projects and provides Feng Shui consultations to create the most auspicious and beneficial environments for improved concentration, creativity, harmonious relationships, productivity and health. Feng Shui services may include:

  • Site selection and planning
  • Purchasing or occupying a new premise
  • Enhancing a property for sale
  • New construction architectural orientation, interior space planning and Feng Shui design plans
  • Analysis and Recommendations based on Classical Form, Astrological Systems and Compass schools for Residential and Commercial Structures


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