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Orca House is its own ecosystem, collecting and processing energy and water while optimizing local natural resources. Biomorphic in form and structure, it repels wind, harvests water. The design and materials echo the Unangan barabara, Aleutian history and facilitate Native customs.



  • 100% energy self-sufficient
  • Superinsulated building envelope
  • Passive solar design
  • Arched roofs deflect winds; circulate heat within


  • 100% onsite water self-sufficiency
  • Innovative peat blackwater filtration system



  • Design avoids heavy materials/shipping costs
  • Earth bag foundation is seismically stable
  • Materials climate appropriate, non-toxic, durable
  • Locally sourced materials where possible
  • Recycle shipping pallets as building material



  • Prefab for replicability
  • Easy assembly with local skills + tools
  • Flatpack prefab modules ease shipping/assembly


  • Lighting design+technology enhance natural light
  • Rat-proof interior hydroponic garden
  • Covered deck, “porch” and use of space reinforce Alaska Native ways


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