Unlocking Nature’s Secrets to Created Harmony, Health, and Ecological Balance in the Natural Home and Work Place. A Blueprint for Healthy, Ecological, Harmonious Design…

Using the knowledge of nature’s secrets

The interrelationship of humanity and the natural environment

Sustainable & Healthy Building Design
The relationship between human health & building design

In this time of diminishing natural resources and escalating costs, it is the role of those who create private and public buildings and spaces to pioneer cost effective and responsible design solutions that have a powerful and positive lasting effect on the human condition.

Ecology is a key to understanding the dialogue between man and nature. It operates both on a gross environmental and subtle energy level as in Feng Shui. However, without the understanding of how form is derived from our prevailing bio-climatic conditions, subtle energy and symbol is rendered less effective. The Elements of ecology; the proper channeling of water, harnessing of the wind, the sun, the stewardship of the earth and forests, impact our human comfort and offer opportunities and perils that shape our environment and our well-being.

Passive solar design strategies and day lighting in architecture can be cost effective and reduce the use of mechanical and electrical energy systems and reduce ongoing operating costs. The determination of building and site orientation is an opportunity to capture ambient solar energy and shield from climatic and temperature extremes. The design of renewable energy systems, daylight, and passive solar design strategies for new residences and workplaces are both cost-effective and enhance comfort and productivity. “Green” materials and specifications offer not only resource efficiency, but more healthful environments as well.

Increasingly in today’s industrialized and densely populated world, the effects of “sick buildings” are being felt at home and in the workplace. Those who inhabit, design, and build must have a kit of tools to test for, shield, and eliminate sources of these harmful pollutants created from the many thousands of chemicals, building materials, and energy waves that have been unleashed in our ecosystem in the past century. It is a well known fact in the health community that chemicals, volatile organic compounds, combustion gasses, pesticides, electric and magnetic fields, molds and allergens, and a host of household poisons cause biological stress to the body and promote ill health and disease.

It has now become an integral responsibility of those who design and build to address the biological and ecological aspects of our environment and to detect and provide strategies for eliminating the sources of environmental and building pollution. Wind and water is both the breath and source of life, but beware the indoor air and water quality in our homes and workplaces may be hazardous to your health. Learn how to identify, reduce, and eliminate the common sources of indoor air & water pollution to promote more vital, productive, healthy living and working environments. The influence of solar and magnetic fields is also vital for humans, but many artificial sources are depleting our energy and are linked to ill health and disease.

Explore the elements: solar energy and day lighting as compared to common artificial lighting sources; positive magnetic earth fields in contrast to artificial electro- magnetic fields. Understand the impact of our elemental building systems on human health and vitality. Discover how ecological & healthy building design principles can help detect, eliminate sources of environmental pollution, and help transform any space into a healing environment!

To learn more about creating the “Magical Dwelling”, join Janus Welton, Roger Green, and Joan Apter at The Windham Retreat Center in the Catskills July 20 29,2001 at the New York School of Feng Shui Summer Retreat.
Contact: Phone (845) 247-4620

The goal of The Magical Dwelling Retreat is to teach practices that create health, harmony and balance in our inner and outer world. This workshop is grounded in the Principles of Feng Shui and Ecology that form a key to understanding the dialogue between human beings and nature. Guided by the transforming Taoist philosophies of alchemy and healing, we will explore the inner and outer secrets of the Magical Dwelling, including:

  • The Five Elements of Ecology and Sustainable Design
  • The Four Strategies of Climate Design
  • Solar Design Orientation and Building Shapes
  • Creating the Natural Home and Workplace
  • The Principles of Sustainable & Healthy Building Design and Healthy Buildings
  • Tools and Diagnosis for Healing Sick Building Syndrome
  • Oriental Diagnosis in Feng Shui and Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy and the Healthy Home & Work Place
  • Discovering Products for the Healthy Home and Lifestyle
  • Oriental Diagnosis for Natural Health Strategies
  • The Taoist Principles of Food Energetics
  • The Transformative Spirit of Taoist Alchemy